FlowStop For Metallic Pipe


There is a steady increase of the need to plug pipes in order to install / replace valves, insulating joints, extensions and damaged parts etc.

The FlowStop System allows safe plugging of the pipe, thus negating the need for a shut down or major disruption to services.

FlowStop Metallic Pipe


  • Maximum safety
  • No supply interruption
  • Easy to handle and use the equipment
  • Small level of excavation required
  • Low cost usage
  • Available for pipes sizes 2†– 20â€
  • Available for PE pipes
  • Available in three pressure classes: 5, 12, 24 bar

The expanding stopper mechanism allows work with a wide range of pipe tolerances per any nominal diameter, as the trapezoidal section rubber ring can expand and become compressed against the internal walls of the pipe with a greater contact area thus eliminating any possible leakage.


FlowStop For PE Pipe


  • System incorporates a built – in Valve Gate Assembly with pressure equalisation device
  • Design ensures pipe and tee are supported during FlowStop operation
  • Plug insertion on completion – allows removal of all equipment once FlowStop is complete
FlowStop PE Pipe