The PQR6000 is an Underpressure Mains Branch Drilling Machine capable of drilling Branch sizes in the range 1″ – 6″. It can be used across a range of Industries, including Gas, Water and Petrochemical. The machine has a standard pressure rating of 16 bar which can be upgraded to 25 bar on request. The machine has a built-in feed control ensuring the correct pressure is applied to the cutter whilst drilling, greatly enhancing cutter life.

The PQR6000 is significantly lighter than comparable machines and can be operated by one person and is fast and simple to operate with minimal service costs. It has a travel of 550 mm, and with the use of four extension pieces can be extended by 50mm – 200mm in 50mm increments.

The PQR6000 can be supplied as a Machine only, requiring the relevant accessories to be ordered separately. Alternatively, it can be supplied as a PQR6000FK, which contains all the accessories necessary to Drill 3″, 4″ & 6″ Branch connections.

This machine can be Hand, Electrically, Pneumatically or Hydraulically operated. A Hand Ratchet is provided with the PQR6000, Electric, Pneumatic or Hydraulic operators are available on request.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy operation
  • Versatile / Multi-Use
  • Very low service costs
  • Variable travel, reducing excavation and reinstatement cost
  • Standard Travel of 550mm, can be extended or shortened with Extension pieces
  • Used with PN16 flanges or threaded connections (other Flange drillings available to order)
  • Size range 1″; 1¼” 1½”, 2″, 2½”, 3″, 4″, 5″ & 6″ drillings
  • Optional 8″ Flange Adaptor available (uses 6″ cutter)
  • Drills Cast & Ductile Iron, Steel, PVC/PE & Concrete lined Pipes
  • Drills through Saddle Valves
  • Drills through Welded fittings and Split Collars
  • Automatic Feed control, built-in Cutter-pressure control ensures longevity of cutters
  • Economic replacement of Cutters and Pilot Drills
  • High Speed Steel Holesaw Cutters standard for Cast & Ductile Iron and Steel
  • Tungsten Carbide Tipped Holesaw Cutters available for Concrete Lined and AC pipe
  • Coupon Retaining Pilot Drills as standard
  • PE Cup Drills also available for Branch drillings in PE Pipes up to 6″
  • 25bar upgrade available for higher pressure systems or for drilling Concrete lined pipe
  • Electric, Air or Hydraulic Motors and accessories available on request
  • Spares Kit available